Tenant Lease Application Form

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Given the overlap in content, you can use a background check of the rental app instead of overlapping sections of your form. Here`s what the household information section might look like in your tenant`s application: Note: We still offer the printable rental application template, the PDF of the original rental application, but we recommend all owners and property managers to use the 100% online rental application. It`s 100% free, it includes the electronic signature, it includes the ability to include credit reports and criminal background checks, and the data can be imported into our rental assistant for immediate rental with just one click. As a property owner or manager, you will need an applicant`s permission to conduct credit and background checks and contact their employer and landlord for references. Make sure your disclosure is written in accordance with landlord and tenant laws and complies with all applicable fair housing laws and the Fair Credit Reports Act. Your rental application should also include the following: Applicants can provide current pay slips, W2 forms, job offers, or even a job confirmation letter as proof of income. Below this information, the applicant must document “how long” he has been employed by the registered company, as well as his “gross income” using the following two fields to present this information. Note: The dollar amount entered in the “Gross Income” line must be taken from the applicant`s “Previous Year Income Tax Return”. Next, the potential tenant must specify the street address, city, and state of the company that employs them in the next three empty fields.

Finally, the full name of the applicant`s “supervisor” must be provided when working on the last empty field in this section. After providing details of their current employment, the prospective tenant should also provide a report on the same points regarding the last place where they worked under the heading “Previous Employment”. The applicant has been given a room where he can provide information about the “company name”, “occupation/title”, “how long” he worked there, the total annual “gross income” he earned, the “street” of the company, the “city”, “the state” and the “supervisor” of his former place of work. To stand out in a batch of applications, some candidates attach a cover letter to their rental application. The application fee should not be charged until you are ready to complete a credit and background check. As a best practice, you should only accept fees from applicants who meet your rental requirements (for example. B income), and some state or local laws may require you to reimburse rental application fees for any applicants you do not select as tenants. The rest of a lease application may consist of issues related to the behavior of the property or tenant. Here are some common question topics that should appear in your rental property application: There`s a lot to be said about displaying vacant rental properties, collecting rental requests, and verifying tenants (and we do in our articles on rental advertising and tenant selection), but here are some quick tips to get you started: The rent application and tenant verification process (including criminal and background checks) provide important background information.

and the tenant`s story. If you look at income and other financial conditions, you can be sure that the applicant can pay rent every month. Rental applications can include a variety of questions, but make sure you comply with fair housing laws. Whether you`re submitting a paper or online application form, a basic rental application form may include the following: This section also provides enough space for the applicant to show up on three credit cards they own. Here, the prospective tenant must provide the name of the financial institution issuing the card, in the line labeled “credit card”, the “card number” and the “Limit” card in the first three tagged areas. Once this information is provided, the applicant must indicate which type of credit card is reported by checking the “Visa”, “MasterCard”, “Discover”, “Amex” or “Diner`s Club” box in this area. Once all potential tenants have completed their rental application, you can proceed with the tenant selection process. Use the section of the rental application marked “RENTAL HISTORY” to contact the applicant`s former owners and things like: The rental application fee is paid by the tenant when they apply. When applying online, the fee is usually paid with a credit or debit card. Paper applications can use a credit or debit card, cheque or money order. Ask the applicant to provide enough information so that you can properly perform background and credit checks and contact them.

Common identifying factors are: The potential tenant`s “previous landlord” must also be declared. In the next section, they must provide the full “name”, “address”, “telephone number” and “email” address of that entity. The following sections, entitled “Previous Residence” and “Previous Owners”, have been provided so that the potential tenant can register the penultimate place of residence (if applicable). This requires the same relative details regarding the property, lease and owner as in the previous sections. In addition to the apartments and landlords that the potential tenant must deliver, he must also provide “personal references”. This section requires three people that the landlord or property manager can contact in relation to the applicant. Each reference must include the “full name”, “relationship” with the tenant, “email” address and telephone number in the blank lines with these labels. Enough space has been made available here for each person reference to have its own set of rooms where this information can be set up.

The potential tenant must enter their current address by entering their “mailing address”, “city”, “state” and “postal code” in the following four boxes. Now, some details about the lease he or she currently holds should be provided. The potential tenant must enter the number of years/months during which he lived in his “current residence”, must be entered on the room after the question “How long at this address?” Next, the potential tenant must define the “expiry date of the current lease” and describe why they have a “desire to move” from their current residence to the one requested. The last two spaces in this section have been added to this section for this purpose. It`s a good idea to make sure your rental application is signed and dated. This recognizes that both the landlord and the applicant have read the application and agree to its terms. Your residential history section of the rental app might look like this: Find the perfect tenant for your apartment in no time with our rental app builder. At the end of the form, including an authorization to conduct a credit and background check. Once this has been confirmed, you and the applicant (and, if applicable, the co-signer) can sign and date the rental property application.

When reviewing rental applications, it is important to understand and comply with all applicable fair housing laws. These laws prevent discrimination based on race, religion, ethnic origin or nationality, sex, age, marital status, disability, etc. A big part of successfully managing a rental property is finding reliable tenants. And the first step to finding reliable tenants is your rental application and selection process. According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2019*, 87% of tenants submitted at least one rental application before signing a lease. Zillow`s online rent application and tenant selection tool, which includes features like background checks and third-party credit checks, are a great way to find tenants for your property. It can be difficult for applicants to complete their rental applications on site. .