Representations under Dod Assistance Agreements

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These tools are designed to help you better understand the official document and compare the online edition with the print edition. 9. Section 21.505 is amended by deleting the phrase “domestic utilities” and adding the word “utilities” in its place. With these markup elements, the user can see how the document follows the document design guide that agencies use to create their documents. These can be useful for better understanding how a document is structured, but are not part of the published document itself. . 47. Point 34.12 is amended in point (d) by amending footnote 1 as follows:. 26.

Section 22.405 is amended in paragraph (b) by deleting “32 CFR 32.14, 33.12 or 34.4” and instead adding “32 CFR 34.4 for rewards to for-profit organizations or as in the OMB Guidelines at 2 CFR 200.207 for awards to colleges, nonprofits, states, local governments, and Native American tribes. . . . I. Removal of “OMB Circular A-133 as implemented at 32 CFR 32.26 and 33.26” and addition of “Subsection F of 2 CFR Part 200 as implemented in Subsection E of 2 CFR Part 1128” in its place. ii. Remove “400 Army-Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202” and add “4800 Mark Center Drive, Alexandria, VA 22350-1500” in its place. b. In paragraph (b)(2)(ii), “OMB Circular A-133, where applicable” is deleted in its place and the “OMB Guidelines in Subsection F of 2 CFR Part 200, if applicable” are inserted. Ii.

In the third sentence, delete “DCMC” and add “DCMA” in its place. i. Removal of the “University Cost Principles in OMB Circular A-21” and addition of the “Cost Principles in Subsection E of 2 CFR Part 200” in their place; The topic list contains a list of index terms (topic list) for each CFR part number cited in the document header. The terms provide a common vocabulary for indexing the rules of all agencies and form the basis of the “CFR index” created by the OFR. . 72. Point 37.1000 amends point (c) by deleting the words `paragraphs 37.1025 to 37.1035` and adding the words `paragraphs 37.1025` in their place. . (24) In point (a) 315, point 22.315 is amended by deleting ` and adding ` in its place. .

. . 44. Section 34.1 is amended in paragraph (b)(2)(ii) with “(e.B. 32 CFR Part 33 specifies requirements for sub-recipients that are state or local governments, and 32 CFR Part 32 contains requirements for universities or other non-profit organizations)” is deleted. b. Delete “Director of Basic Sciences, ODDR&E” and add “Director of Basic Research, OASD(R&E)” in its place. d. Paragraph (c)(3)(iii) “ensure that the tax identification number (TIN)” of the recipients is removed and “ensure that, for recipients who do not need to be registered in the market administration system, the tax identification number (TIN)” of the recipients is removed in its place. 33. Section 22.700 is amended by deleting “32 CFR Parts 32, 33 and 34” and adding “32 CFR Part 34 and Subchapter D of 2 CFR Chapter XI” instead.

1. The citation of the standard for Part 21 shall continue to read as follows: b. In point (c)(2), footnote 9 is replaced by footnote 6 and the newly named footnote 6 revised. . . . i. Delete DoD Directive 7640.2 and add DoD Directive 7640.02 in its place.

Start printing page 51244. ii. Delete the “EPLS list of an institution” and add the “List of SAM exclusions of an institution” in its place. 70. Section 37.895 is amended by renaming footnote 8 to footnote 5. One. in point (a), `Subsection D` is deleted and `Subsection F` is inserted in its place; and. The MORE CONTACT INFORMATION section contains the name and phone number of someone from your agency who can answer questions about the document.

It can list two or more people to turn to in relation to different aspects of a document. 78. Schedule D to Part 37 is amended by revising Divisions B and C as follows: This Table of Contents is a navigation tool processed from the headings of the legal text of the documents in the Federal Register. This repetition of titles to internal navigation links has no material legal effect. 73. In § 37.1010, paragraph (l) is amended by striking out “and article 37.680.” b. In paragraph 3, it appears by deleting “40 U.S.C. 327-333” in both places and adding “40 U.S.C., Chapter 37” in their place […] For more information, see the document writing manuals on how to use for more information, contact us in the Federal Register documents. 15.

Article 21.535 is amended in paragraph d) by “withdrawal from DIOR, WHS, at the address specified in § 21.555 (a). DIOR, WHS serves as the focal point” and “the DAADS administrator. The DAADS administrator serves as the central point of contact” in his place. One. rename footnote 6 to footnote 2; and. 51. In § 34.41, the chapeau is amended by deleting “32 CFR 32.51 and 32.52” and adding in its place “Subsections A and B of 2 CFR Part 1134”. . Deputy Federal Registry Liaison Officer, Ministry of Defence. .

One. Revision of the chapeau and subparagraphs (a) and (b). . 55. In § 37.225, the introductory text is amended by deleting “Pursuant to § 37.1030, you will provide your answers to these questions to assist the DoD in measuring the ministerial benefits of using TIAs and meeting the requirements to report to Congress.” and instead delete “In accordance with § 37.1020, you must document your answers to these questions in the assignment file.” 45. Section 34.2 is amended by amending the definition of “small mark-up” to read: c. In the chapeau of point (e)(5), the EPLS Directive is deleted and inserted in its place `in sam exclusions`. c. Deletion “and maintenance of the Federal Aid Programs Search System, a computerized database of information”; and.b. In paragraph (b), delete “DDR &E” wherever it appears and add “ASD (R&E)” in its place.

e. in point (b), point 2, the words `Annex C to OMB Circular A-122` are deleted and the words `Annex VIII to 2 to 2 of the CFR Part 200` is added instead; and a. Delete “OMB Circular A-89” and add “OMB Guidelines to 2 CFR 200.202” in its place; For more information and documentation, please visit our Developer Tools pages. 48. Paragraph 34.15 is amended in paragraph c(3)(i) by striking out “$100,000” and adding “the simplified acquisition threshold” instead. d. In paragraph (b) Chapeau, deletion of “Defence Contract Management Command” and addition of “Defence Contract Management Agency” in its place;. . .

. 5. point 21.320 is amended by deleting point (d). This document was published in the Federal Register. Use the linked PDF file in the document sidebar for the official electronic format. This PDF is the current document as it was published on Public Inspection on 18.08.2020 at 8:45 a.m. .