Local 183 High Rise Collective Agreement 2019

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The basic minimum wage rates for workers performing work covered by this Agreement shall be in accordance with the following labour classification and wage rates. It is presumed and agreed that the implementation of the following pay scale shall not result in a reduction in the hourly rate of an employee present. If an employee of a higher classification is instructed by the employer to perform work in a lower classification, that employee will continue to receive the highest rate. 7.03 Complaints must be lodged within twelve (12) months of becoming aware of the circumstances which gave rise to the complaint or which should reasonably have been brought to the attention of the Union. It is also considered that the adjustment of such a complaint will be retroactive to the first day of the alleged infringement within the twelve (12) month period. We build highways and bridges, waterways and dams, hospitals, schools and government institutions. We operate roads, municipalities, cities and provinces. From low-rise buildings to high-rise buildings, we concrete landscape houses, we literally and figuratively build Canada. .01 maintain the Council as a representative and representative for the purposes of collective bargaining and the conclusion of a collective agreement with the Association in accordance with the Constitution of the Unified District Council; and LiUNA stands for equity for the workforce, regardless of skin colour, gender, race or ethnicity, regardless of our country of origin.

We are committed to helping employers succeed by providing the highest quality work in the world and being responsible members of our communities. 1.01 In the event of a conflict between the master party and Local Annex 1059, Local Annex 1059 shall replace the bodywork. 4. The “House Basement Agreement” is a collective agreement between the Residential Low-Rise Forming Contractors Association of Metropolitan Toronto and Vicinity and the Union. 33.01 This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of this Agreement and shall remain in force until 30 April 2019 and shall remain in force from year to year thereafter, unless one of the Parties notifies the other Party of a termination or proposed revision of this Agreement, not more than one hundred and twenty (120) days and at least sixty (60) days before 30 April 2019, or during a similar period in any subsequent year. The employer must pay employees more than fifteen (15) minutes each way at pure time rates for all time spent commuting to and from the workplace. The time begins with the departure from the assembly point and ends with the arrival on the construction site. This local travel time is only granted if an employee arrives at a collection point and receives a means of transport. Local 607 – Group 10: Work xxxxxxx – $1.50 per hour above the highest monitored wage rate. 16.01 If the Employer is bound by the terms of this Agreement, no employee of that Employer who receives a higher rate of pay may suffer a reduction in wages as a result of the performance of this Agreement. 21.05 It is agreed that the trustees of the benefit funds are authorized, by mutual agreement, to charge interest of one and a half per cent (1 1/2 per cent) per month if an employer fails to make the payment due to the benefit fund.

29.01 In no event shall the employer be required to pay higher rates of pay or be subject to less favourable conditions of employment throughout the Province of Ontario than those established by the Union for other employers engaged in the construction, maintenance and repair of energy, energy and communications within the meaning of this Agreement, unless: this has been mutually agreed upon by both parties. (45) Days of written notification to the association. In the event of any conflict between this provision and any other article or section of this Agreement, including annexes and local trade union plans, that provision shall prevail. (90) A few days after becoming aware of the circumstances giving rise to the complaint or which should reasonably have been brought to the attention of the trade union, the arbitrator shall award seventy-five per cent (75 %) of all unpaid amounts due to the employee(s) concerned and due directly to the employee(s). The remaining twenty-five per cent (25 per cent) of these amounts are donated to a charity of their choice; the rates applicable to them; It is also agreed that unless the parties agree on the foregoing within fifteen (15) days of such meeting, then the disputed matter will be submitted and resolved in accordance with the grievance clauses set forth in this Agreement. 10.01 The Parties agree to establish a joint committee of equal representatives of the Metropolitan Toronto Road Builders` Association and the Metropolitan Toronto Sewer and Watermain Association within three (3) months of the signing of this Agreement; The Heavy Construction Association of Ontario, the Utility Contractors Association of Ontario and the Labourers International Union of North America, Local 183, to find ways to employ workers who are unable to return to regular work due to injury or illness. Any decision or recommendation of the said Joint Committee shall be binding on all public services bound by this collective agreement or a similar or similar collective agreement. 10. The “Landscaping Agreement” is a collective agreement between Sectors 8 and 18 of the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the North American Workers` International Union, Local 183.

18.06 If the employer requires employees to move from a lower-paid region to a higher-paid region, employees receive the higher-paying hourly rates in those circumstances. 8.10 Notwithstanding any other provision of the Collective Agreement, it is at the discretion of an arbitrator or arbitration body appointed in accordance with the Collective Agreement or sections 48, 49 or 133 of the Industrial Relations Act 1995 to extend the time limits in the appeal proceedings and/or referral to arbitration if justified, and to ensure that the merits of the dispute are established. The obligation to give reasons for the extension of time limits shall rest with the party requesting the extension. 29.04 If a particular clause, article or provision contained in a local trade union plan and not in the body of this Agreement constitutes a difficulty in a particular geographical area within the competence of the local union, the Council may, in consultation and agreement with the local union, obtain a local liberation memorandum or amendment. in writing with the Association to indemnify or amend the relevant clause, article or provision of the Local`s Schedule for the geographic area under the jurisdiction of the Local as set out in the Local Exemption or Amendment Memorandum. 18. The “Canada Pipeline Agreements” are collective agreements between the Canadian Pipeline Contractors Association and the North American Workers` International Union, the Ontario Provincial District Council and affiliated locals. 27.01 The employer recognizes the claims of jurisdiction of the union, provided that in the event of a labour dispute between the union party to this Agreement and any other union or organization that cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved, such dispute shall immediately be treated as a complaint to the Ontario Labour Relations Board requesting an order of the Board of Directors. as described in section 99 of the Industrial Relations Act, and in the meantime, the work will continue as assigned by the employer until the Ontario Labour Relations Board orders otherwise. .