A Service Contract Is Awarded for Maintenance Services to Maintain the P-7 Aircraft

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(3) (i) Except as provided in subsection (e) (3) (ii) of this Division, the Contractor shall include paragraph 52.222-52, Exception to the Application of Labour Standards for Service Contracts to Contracts for Certain Services – Certification, in applications that – (a) the locations of previous contractors and their competitors. (m) data collection, processing and analysis services. (B) A fixed market price is a current price fixed in the normal course of trade between buyers and sellers and which can be demonstrated from sources independent of the manufacturer or contractor. d) If the contract agent has submitted an e98 to the Ministry of Labour to request an applicable wage determination and has not received a response within 10 days, he or she must contact the Remuneration and Hours of Work Department by telephone to determine when the determination of the wage can be expected. (The phone number can be found on the e98 website.) (3) The next multi-year anniversary date of the contract (annual anniversary date or two-year date). (1) the future successor contract and the applicable acquisition dates (submission of the invitation, opening of tenders, beginning of negotiations, award of the contract or beginning of services); or (vii) moving services, including services provided by real estate agents and appraisers to assist federal employees or military personnel in buying and selling homes (which does not include the actual relocation or storage of household items and related services). Contractors who enter into $2,500 service contracts that are not covered by a collective agreement of a predecessor contractor will pay their employees at least the wages and benefits deemed predominant by the Ministry of Labour in the region or, in the absence of wage determination, the minimum wage under the Fair Labour Standards Act. (v) the carriage of passengers by common carriers by air, motor vehicle, rail or sea on scheduled routes or through commercial services (excluding charter services). Disputes relating to the labour law requirements of the contract will be dealt with in accordance with paragraph (t) of the contractual clause under 52.222-41, Labour Standards for Service Contracts, and not in accordance with clause 52.233-1, Disputes. (1) Obtain salary determinations for additional performance locations and amend the application to include all salary determinations. If necessary, the agent shall extend the time limit for the submission of final tenders; and (f) any contract of employment that provides direct services to a federal agency by one or more persons; or (d) Although the WDOL website assists the client in choosing the correct determination of the salary, the client remains responsible for determining the selected salary. If the customer has used the e98 procedure, the Ministry of Labour will respond based on the information provided on the e98.

The customer can rely on the response of the Ministry of Labor as the correct determination of the salary for the contract. “Multi-year contracts” are contracts with a duration of more than 1 year, regardless of the funding of the financial year. The duration includes multiannual contracts (see 17 103). (f) The contract agent shall insert clause 52.222-49, Labour standards for service contracts – Place of performance unknown, when applying the procedures prescribed in 22.1009-4. (a) (1) The salary and hourly administrator may periodically review the applicable wage determinations. The need to include a revised determination of the applicable wage in an application, contract or contract amendment (see 22.1007) is determined by the date of receipt of the revised determination of the applicable wage by the client. (Note the distinction between receipt by the Agency and receipt by the contract agent, which can be made at a later date.) (iv) Each service employee who provides the services under the agreement spends only a small portion of his or her time (a monthly average of less than 20% of the hours available on an annualized basis, or less than 20% of the hours available during the term of the contract if the duration of the contract is less than one month) processing the government contract. 1. The services to be provided under the proposed contract shall be substantially equivalent to those provided by an incumbent contractor whose proposed contract will be successful.

(a) The declaration required under section 52.222-42, Declaration of Equivalent Rates for Federal Hiring (see 22.1006(b)) sets out the rates of pay and benefits that would be paid by the contract activity to the various categories of service workers that would be required to be used under the contract if 5 U.S.C. 5332 (General Schedule – White Collar) and/or 5 U.S.C. 5341 (Wage Board – Blue Collar) were applicable. (2) If the client has received the collective agreement in a timely manner, the agent may make a wage determination referring to the collective agreement via the WDOL website and include this wage determination, which is attached to a complete copy of the collective agreement, in the contract action that will succeed him. When using the WDOL process, there is no need to submit a copy of the collective agreement to the Ministry of Labour except upon request. (vi) The contractor (or the contractor under a subcontract) determines in advance prior to the request, on the basis of the nature of the contractual requirements and knowledge of the practices of the likely suppliers, that all or substantially all suppliers will comply with the conditions set out in point 2(ii)(v) of paragraph (d), of this subsection. Where the services are currently provided under a contract, the contractor (or the contractor under a subcontract) shall take into account the practices of the existing contractor when determining the conditions set out in point (d)(2)(ii) to (v) of this Subsection. (iii) office or business machinery that is not otherwise excluded in accordance with clause (c) (1) (i) of this subsection, where those services are provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the equipment. (3) A general contractor or acting subcontractor shall provide those services by using service workers whose wages and benefits are the subject of one or more collective agreements. (i) When selecting sources for which the agent has established a competitive margin, the agent shall find that one or more of the conditions for certification of a tenderer referred to in paragraph 22.1003-4 (c) (2) (i) to (iii) are not met, the agent shall inform the tenderer of the irregularity before receiving the final revision of the proposal. Unless the tenderer submits a revised tender recognising the applicability of the Labour Standards Act for service contracts or demonstrating to the satisfaction of the contractor that it is able to fulfil all the conditions necessary for the exemption, the tender shall no longer be considered for the award.

As provided for in the Act respecting labour standards in service contracts, any breach of the requirements of the contractual clauses with respect to the Act respecting labour standards in service contracts may constitute grounds for termination for default (see paragraph (k) of the clause under 52.222-41, Labour Standards for Service Contracts). A) A fixed list price is a price contained in a list of list prices, a scale or other form regularly updated by the manufacturer or contractor, published or otherwise available for inspection by customers, and indicating the prices at which a significant number of buyers who make up the general public, currently or recently: were sold. (B) In the case of contractual acts other than sealed tenders, the procuring entity shall receive notification of the terms of the collective agreement after the award of the contract, provided that the commencement of performance takes place within 30 days of the award (see 22.1002-2 (b)); and (g) Any contract for the operation of contractual postal stations for the United States Postal Service. Services under the contract include the F-35, AV-8B, C-130, C-2, E-2, EA-6B, F/A-18, H-1, H-53, H-60, MQ-8, P-3, P-8 and V-22 aircraft. .