100 Rs Stamp Paper for Loan Agreement

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Another question is whether tax stamps have the year of printing? Hi Sir, I am taking a loan (interest-free loan) of Rs 5 lakhs from my sister to buy a house. Is it advisable to enter into a loan agreement to avoid tax implications for me or my sister? Please note that yes, it can be printed on stamp paper or on plain paper, and then the stamp can be attached to it. Yes, the bank can apply to the court on the basis of the agreement if it is signed and notarized. Hello, 6 years ago my father gave 200000 & Signed Bond Paper. For 6 years, he has been paying interest in cash. Now, for some reason, he can`t repay the interest. Can we take legal action.is of this guarantee which is only valid for 3 years? Sir, I want to know how much money can be given as a cash loan with this Pro Note? How can we change the refund terms? How powerful is a stamp contract when buying land? I`m thinking about buying land in an EMI-based company for two years with a fixed upfront payment. The adventurer of the plot says that he is writing a deal for the same. My question of doubt is legal, what is the power of the agreement that is so written. Can I still ask for interest after the end of the mandate The mention in the stamp paper contract must also be mentioned unconditionally if the principal amount in a private loan case is not returned to a well-known person Hello me and two of my brothers and a few investors lent money to one of my former colleagues on the basis of a loan contract by hand. At first, for a few years, he paid interest and in the last two years he does not pay anything and it seems that he has invested the amount in land. He is not able to repay the principal or interest. What resources can we take in this case to get the money back.

Please advise. 2) Check your state`s stamp law so that stamp duty is paid on the document you want Dear Raja, your father made a mistake by signing on a blank stamp paper. It is surprising that without calculating the interest rate, you have repaid the debt! Since you have no evidence, suggest that you settle the matter with the creditor (lender) in a friendly manner. 1. Land and other real estate – Some additional formalities must be followed if the loan is secured by a charge on a property, that is, in the event of late payment of the loan, the lender would have the right to sell the property and claim the amount of the loan, interest and other amounts to be paid by the borrower. I lent my friend 3 lakhs a year ago, I did not sign an agreement, he is ready to sign an agreement now, it is advisable to have an attachment in the agreement that contains the details of the loan amount indicated in the past (1 year ago). The loan amount was by swiping the credit card in different months for small amounts up to 10K Since you know how bankers behave with their customers, they just told my mom to do it on buffer paper. There you go. I even refused to talk to myself. Since he took the signature in 3 to 5 papers on demand, is it necessary to take the signature in 3 to 5 papers for an amount of 90000rs? Dear Mr Reddy, Thank you very much for operating such an informative platform, my questions have gone astray, but relate to the subject.

A year ago, we sold the gold of our ancestral family to a neighbor, who paid about 5% more than the jewelers. We sold it for 10.35000. 35000 were paid in cash and the remaining 10 defects were transferred to my father`s account via NEFT. Now, after 1 year, his ruse took a new turn and filed a civil lawsuit that the transferred money (10 missing) was an interest-free loan for 1 year and we have to return it and also pay interest after the notice of termination. My father is very tense after receiving the notification. I would humbly thank you if you could guide me with my options. Thank you for your suggestion, this may be the only alternative. However, if the lender does not agree, in the worst case, if we go to court, how much we should pay. (Stamp paper shows 4 lakhs with 2 rupees of interest as of 2016). Please give your thoughts to Dear Sreejith, 1 – I believe it is correct to write a PR on the loan you have already taken out. You can also ask for the help of cookies. 2 – Anything and everything can be challenged in our court.

But he must prove/justify his point of view. Suggest consulting a civil lawyer and seeking advice. Dear Sir, does a loan agreement have to be notarized and if so, under what law? My neighbor received a loan from Rs. 4 lakhs in February 2014, four days before his son`s wedding, and said the loan will be repaid in six months at an interest rate of Rs. 2.00 per month. Promissory note drawn. Interest payments were also overdue. Dear Sreekant, my aunt lent money to her neighbor in the amount of Rs.4lakhs by receiving her signature on a promissory note dated July 12, 2011 with an annual interest rate of 60%. The neighbor intentionally signed the note and she has been in arrears in paying her interest for 2 years.

Now, when my aunt asked for the principal sum, she said do everything you can do, I can`t pay you anything. Is it possible to take legal action against the neighbour with the promissory note? Please suggest me. I`m looking forward to your answer I`ve invested in Flat for the last 8 years, no, they`re ready to own.. .